spite, ignorance, vanity, and shame

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spite, ignorance, vanity, and shame Empty spite, ignorance, vanity, and shame

Post  cdavis on Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:52 pm

My eerie connection to the main character has had my mind in a constant buzz as I try to understand what it is in him that brings up such uncomfortable familiarity within myself. After thinking about this for a few days, it seems to me that the vanity of the main character is what really keeps him from seeing beyond his personal dilemma's and realizing the connectedness we all share in this great mystery of life. I feel that when John noted that the book could end after the main character discussed his realization that he wasnt alone in this existential crisis, he made a good point. I found much resolution within myself after realizing that everyone feels awkward and different and yet confident and generic all at once and it is absurd to waste ones life in such unnecessary discomfort. Obviously, I do not think that the book should end at this point as it only grows more wild and crazy as the pages continue, but I do feel that John's statement was quite valid. If one can overcome their selfish inqdequacies, or at least realize them within ones self and work towards making peace about it, then this inner turmoil may cease to be so constant and neurotic perhaps.

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