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Wow, where to start.... Empty Wow, where to start....

Post  rhodakaye124 on Sat Mar 12, 2011 4:08 pm

I just think there are SO many awesome things to decipher from this book. I agree with Dr. Rees, I love love love it. I guess I will start out saying that I like the way that the term "plague" changes in its meaning throughout the book, ranging from a physical disease to a emotional mindset. I am also intrigued by all the ways that Camus seems to point out the absurdity of all our rules and standards. They seem to hold some kind of meaning but in "reality" (aka plague?) they don't really mean anything at all. Even in the way of language, it seems that "meaning" can't really be properly conveyed.

Just a few random lines... Anyone else enjoy this book as much as I did? Very Happy

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