Creepy yet true....

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Creepy yet true.... Empty Creepy yet true....

Post  rhodakaye124 on Sun Apr 10, 2011 6:05 pm

All I've gotta say is that this booked creeped me out big time, and yet I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the vivid descriptions really added to the creepiness too. Of course I think the main reason it's creepy is because that kind of stuff really does happen; maybe not to that extreme, but then again maybe so. And we don't even realize it half of the time. It's also scary how quickly we come to accept bad situations as "normal" first we react but after a while we just get used to it. In this novel of course we see the loss of individuality (names like Offred and Ofwarren, etc), loss of "freedom to", and so's hard to imagine that she had only been in the community 3 years and already was forgetting some of what we'd consider the "essentials" of our every day life...I dunno. I loved it, but my GOODNESS it was insanely creepy.

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